The Mandalorian Helmet

Full size wearable Mandalorian Helmet from the TV show The Mandalorian.
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Cold Metal Casts - We cast these helmets using cold metal casting technique, then polish them using 7 different surface applications to have the screen accurate polished look of Beskar steel. There is no paint on cold metal cast helmets apart from the black details and silver highlights on the ears. If you would like, you can further polish these helmets using standard metal polish. Comes with padding and visor.

Raw Resin Cast Kits - Unfinished raw resin cast kits for the ones who want to finish their helmets themselves. These kits are cast in high quality resin like the painted helmets but we don't do any surface applications on the helmet or cut the visor area. 

Raw Resin Cast Kits with Visor - Same as raw resin cast kits but we cut the visor area and install the visor.

Each helmet is made to order and due to the extensive post processing, the standard processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Stand is not included.

Please contact us if you need it before a specific date.

Based on the extremely screen-accurate 3D model by Great Ape Studio.

Also please keep in mind this is a fan art, not an official model. We do not claim any ownership of the character or the 3D model we use. We only charge for the casting services and the finishing work. Thank you!
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